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Providing services in housekeeping and laundering

In the interest of promoting more favorable living circumstances, we have made it one of our principal objectives to build a camp or some other form of facility that is, at all times, both secure and maintained in a clean and orderly manner. We put in a lot of work to guarantee that the living quarters of each and every one of our guests are spotless and to the highest standard of comfort possible. When it comes to customer service, one of our prime concerns is making certain that we always meet or exceed the highest potential expectations in terms of friendliness as well as cleanliness. Our goal is to perform at the very greatest level that is humanly achievable. AL-ZAD offers very high-quality office cleaning services, including "laundry and housekeeping," as well as other related services. The supply of home cleaners to oil rigs, base camps, and other local businesses is our core area of competence. Other local businesses also benefit from our services. Bright facility ensures that you will get a degree of service that is unrivaled by anything else you have ever experienced. This level of service will be provided to you at no additional cost. We are aware of how important it is to maintain a safe and sanitary working environment, and we take great pleasure in the exceptional level of customer care we provide, the reliability of our employees, and the extensive list of happy clients who have made use of our services in the past.

Al-Zad Co.'s. Catering Services

Company and legal guidelines policy It is the policy of Al-Zad Company to guarantee that all of its workers are functioning legitimately and in line with the recognized laws and regulations of Iraq, as well as the various policies that have been developed by the management of Al-Zad Company. policy: No officer or employee of the Company is permitted to request, accept, or offer to give anything of significant value to a supplier, customer, government official, or any other person or entity in an effort to influence the business relationships that exist between the Company and such suppliers, customers, or government officials. This includes asking for, accepting, or offering to give the item in question. Employees of Al-Zad Company will not provide or offer any gift, loan, favor, or special service to any government official with the intent to influence or alter in any way that official's independent judgment in any way. This includes not providing or offering any gift, loan, favor, or special service. Company In order for Al-Zad Company to be successful, it is imperative that all of its assets, which include monetary funds, real estate, manufacturing facilities, and other tangible assets, as well as confidential and proprietary information, such as customer databases, economic forecasts, and business expansion strategies, and intangible assets, such as computer programs and concepts for new goods and services, be put to good use. Employees of Al-Zad Companies who receive or gain access to confidential information (whether it be technical, commercial, or financial) pertaining to clients and others with whom Al-Zad Companies does business are expected to maintain the confidentiality of such information, unless their position or the law requires them to do otherwise. This expectation applies whether the information is technical, commercial, or financial in nature. The Al-Zad Company is dedicated to ensuring that all of its workers have access to equal employment opportunities across the board, including but not limited to selection, onboarding, job responsibilities, advancement, termination, compensation, and professional development. This commitment covers all aspects of the company's business, including but not limited to: selection, onboarding, job responsibilities, advancement, and termination. In the workplace, harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment and other types of harassment, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The Corporation does not tolerate any sort of harassment, whether it is aimed at workers, independent contractors, suppliers, or customers, or whether it is done by any of these parties themselves. What to do in the event of a critical situation: Any infractions of this policy should be brought to the attention of management right away.

Al-Zad Co. Catering Services