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ABOUT AL-ZAD Catering Services
Limited Liability Company Al-Zad catering services for Food Processing Since its inception, the company's varied operations and the expertise of its employees have propelled it to the forefront of the Iraqi business scene in the areas of nutrition project implementation and logistical support.

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ABOUT Al-Zad Catering Services
It is no exaggeration to say that Al-Zad Co. Catering services is a frontrunner among Iraqi catering and support service providers. Al-Zad Co. Catering has quickly risen to prominence as one of Iraq's premier independent contracts catering companies, providing a wide range of catering packages to clients in the business, industry, and education sectors. We at Al-Zad Co. Catering take great pleasure in our work and adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and we are committed to our customers as a result of the high morale and enthusiasm of our staff.

Our professionals are dedicated to providing clients with Value-focused service and results. Al-Zad Co.’s Catering seasoned Operations managers, project managers, Supervisors, Support Services Managers, Technicians, and Executive Chefs are known for their leadership, applications of the highest related standards and technology, and ability to achieve Clients’ highest satisfaction levels Experienced in various projects, Al-Zad Co.'s Catering has earned a reputation for developing and using leading-edge concepts to solve challenging situations. Our standard is to incorporate skills developed in one industry into cost-effective solutions in others. This forward-leaning philosophy, coupled with the strongest commitment to learn, anticipate, and adapt to an ever-changing set of clients’ needs and desires, has enabled Al-Zad Co.’s Catering to establish and retain long-term client relationships.

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- Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Al-Zad Co. To ensure the highest level of service quality for every project, Al-Zad Co. adopts a quality program and a QHSE control system.
- QHSE methodology Each employee of Al-Zad Co. is given safety training and information to help them become more aware of the risks associated with their j obs.
- Strict and demanding procedures created by Al-Zad Co. are applied to all teams working in the field.
- the same aims
- Al-Zad Co. sets forth commitments to excellent customer service that serve as shared objectives for all of the teams: According to safety commitments, there were no incidents for its teams.
- All food consumed by its customers is secure. commitments to the environment:
- Reducing waste and harmful effects on the environment;
- Increasing recycling Al-Zad Co. develops and implements sustainable solutions: waste separation, awareness-raising initiatives on reducing food waste, procedures for wasting cooking oil and paper, and coffee cups that are sent to local farmers.
With a Al-Zad Co. catering has a Middle East-wide footprint and may provide services on a single supplier or local basis. Delivering customer happiness while helping customers reach their business goals is always our goal. Al-Zad Co. catering's goal is to provide customers with a single, integrated, all-inclusive comprehensive

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